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HPI Crawler King Ford SVT Raptor - RTR

Art.nr: H115118
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HPI Crawler King Ford SVT Raptor - RTR

Fullverdig RTR Crawler fra Hpi. Den leveres med en 55turn motor og utveksling på lave 3:1, hjulvandringen er på rundt 15cm så den forserer store hindringer med glans. Bilen leveres komplett med 2.4Ghz radioustyr, servo, lipoklar ESC med pinplugg programmering og motor,det medfølger også ett 7,2V 2000mAh Nimh batteri og enkel vegglader samt 4x AA batterier til radioen. Alt du trenger for å kjøre er inkludert. Karosseriet kommer ferdig lakkert i et tøft Ford Raptor SVT design. 

Bilen kommer med HB Rover Tires som er meget gode crawler-dekk med masse friksjon, samtidig er den utstyrt med water-proof elektronikk, slik at den tåler vannsprut. Ønsker man lavere giring kan man gå for reduksjonsgirsettet HPI-87634, som gir en giring på 174:1

Vi anbefaler en hurtigere lader, se under relaterte produkter. ESC takler 2S lipo ved å flytte pinplugg til lipo, man kan benytte de fleste 2S standard lipopakker, ved bruk av lipo med t-plug/deanskobling må overgang AM-8003 benyttes.


Tackle the Rocks with the HPI Crawler King!
Take on any terrain with the all-wheel drive, mighty Crawler King! Fitted with waterproof components, full-time 4WD and super-tough straight axles, the Crawler King can get over the steepest rocks and ford deep streams without breaking a sweat! 

The tough, ladder frame-style TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis is narrow so it can squeeze through the narrowest openings as it''s climbing, while the articulated suspension design allows the solid axles to rotate to extreme angles. This gives the HB Rover tires at all four corners the grip and traction needed to pull the Crawler King up impossibly steep angles. The battery is secured in the front of the chassis, above the front axle, to give the Crawler King the best possible weight distribution, and waterproof electronics and receiver box let you take the truck through mud and across streams without worry. 

The Crawler King is topped with an awesome Ford Raptor body for a fantastic scale look. The body is fully painted and features a bright red color with cool ''digital mud'' details. It also features photorealistic decals so it looks exactly like the real thing as it''s climbing up the hills and rocks in your local forest or park. Finishing off the Crawler King are beadlock-style wheels and the awesome-looking HB Rover tires. 

The Crawler King kit is fully assembled, with a painted Ford Raptor body and glued tires, so all you have to do to get driving is charge the battery with the included charger! The truck is fitted with a 2.4GHz radio system, which means you don''t have to think about changing radio frequencies - the radio does all the work for you! Batteries for the radio transmitter are even included, so you don''t need a single thing to get out and drive! 

Easy to Drive!
The Crawler King is super-easy to drive and get familiar with - to drive the truck, simply pick up the controller with your left hand, put your left index finger into the trigger area, and then put your right hand on the steering wheel - it''s as natural as driving a real car! Turn the wheel to go left and right and gently pull on the trigger with your left index finger to go forwards. To brake the truck and come to a stop, gently push away from you with your left index finger. It takes just seconds to get used to driving an RC car, and soon you''ll be doing climbing rocks and hills with ease!

Element-Proof Protection
The Crawler King features protection for its electronics and it''s ready to tackle wet conditions like mud, rain and snow! The 2.4GHz receiver is safely stored in an element-proof receiver box, protecting it in wet conditions to ensure glitch-free operation. The waterproof SF-10W steering servo and waterproof electronic speed controller complete the package, allowing you to enjoy the action on the road no matter what the weather is like! Please note: the electronics are not designed for submerged operation. Be sure to rinse off any dirt or salt water with clean water immediately after driving. Check the receiver box to make sure no water is inside and let dry fully before driving again. 

Forward-Mounted Battery
The standard RC battery included with the Crawler King kit fits easily into a protected battery box at the front of the chassis. This forward mounting gives the Crawler King the best weight distribution for climbing steep terrain, making sure that most of the weight of the truck is over the front wheels. 

Real Crawler Truck Suspension Design
One of the coolest things about the Crawler King is that the suspension and drivetrain are based on actual off-road trucks! The 3-link design features 2 aluminum lower links and a single Y-shaped upper link that give the Crawler King tons of articulation, which allows it to get the traction down on the roughest of terrain. 

Authentic Straight-Axle Design
Just like classic off-roaders, the Crawler King is fitted with real straight axles front and rear, which lets you put the power down when you need to. Most importantly, they let each of the tires contact the ground at exactly 90 degrees for the largest contact patch and maximum grip and traction!

Super-Strong Universal Driveshafts
Extending driveshafts form the core of the Crawler King drivetrain, connected to the central transmission and leading to the straight axles at each end of the truck. The rugged composite design allows them to transfer all the power from the motor to the locked gear differentials in the axles, to get all the power of the 55-turn motor to the tires!

55-Turn Crawling Motor
The brushed crawling motor fitted as standard equipment in the Crawler King is the tried and tested HPI 55-turn Saturn motor, a true workhorse that puts the maximum torque through the transmission and into the driveshafts. The brushed design of the motor is perfect for tough conditions like water, mud and snow, making it perfect for long off-road runs!

Waterproof Speed Controller
The HPI SC-3SWP2 speed controller is the brain of the Crawler King, taking the signals from the receiver and telling the 55-turn Saturn motor how much to spin. Its element-proof design allows the Crawler King to pull itself through rough and wet terrain, and the standard plugs let you use extra battery packs or optional motors in the truck very easily.

Universal-Fit Body Mounts
Changing the look of the Crawler King is very easy with the standard-fit body mounts! You can fit all RC monster truck bodies from HPI using the standard body mount holes, and the body mounts even adjust easily up and down to let you fit SUV-style and pick-up bodies, so you can update or change the entire look of your Crawler King in seconds!

Grippy Crawling Tires and Extra-Cool Wheels
The awesome black 8-spoke off-road beadlock-inspired wheels that are standard equipment on the Crawler King are wrapped with HB Rover tires - a crawling championship-winning tire featuring a unique extra-versatile tread design that let you take the Crawler King to amazing heights! 

The Crawler King kit includes a 2000mAh 7.2v NiMH battery, universal wall charger and 4 HPI Plazma AA batteries for the radio transmitter. You don''t need to supply a single thing to get driving! Simply unpack the truck, plug the wall charger and battery in to charge and install the AA batteries in the radio handset, and you''ll be driving in no time!

Durable Crawler King design
Factory-assembled Ready-To-Run
Unique Ford SVT Raptor body featuring custom ''digital mud'' design
Full-time 4WD shaft drive
HPI 2.4GHz radio system with pistol-grip radio
Enclosed receiver box protects from the elements
Forward-mounted battery for ideal weight distribution
Real off-road truck suspension design
Authentic straight-axle design
Super-strong universal driveshafts
HPI 55-turn crawling motor installed
New spec LiPo-compatible SC-3SWP2 waterproof speed controller
Battery box fits standard LiPo batteries & 6-cell NiMH
Composite oil-filled threaded shock absorbers
Grippy Championship-winning HB crawler tires
Black 8-spoke beadlock style wheels
Complete set of ball bearings
Universal-fit body mounts allow huge range of optional bodies to fit
Officially licensed, prepainted & detailed replica Ford SVT Raptor pick-up truck body

#115118 CRAWLER KING RTR Ford Raptor
Pre-Assembled 1/10th scale electric 4WD truck with 2.4GHz radio system,
55T Saturn motor, SC-3SWP2 waterproof electronic speed control,
SF-10W waterproof servo, battery pack, universal charger and painted Ford SVT Raptor body

Length: 431.8mm (17in)
Width: 297.2mm (11.7in)
Height: 254mm (10in)
Wheelbase: 238.8mm (9.4in)
Tires: 135mm x 69mm (5in x 3in)
Suspension Travel: 152.4mm (6in)

What You Need: Nothing!
Everything you need is included:
2000mAh battery
Universal charger
4 AA batteries

Specification may be subject to change



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