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PAR1245 - 71 Muscle SC Baja .040 Clear Body

Art.nr: 1245


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PAR1245 - 71 Muscle SC Baja .040 Clear Body

The race is on! Convert your short course truck into a classic style off-road race car. Following our 69 Muscle Baja body, the 71 Muscle Baja is sure to please with unique styling and plenty of wheel clearance to mount it high or low. It is shown mounted on factory body posts. It also looks great on a rally car chassis (front body mount modifications are required). The clear .040" body includes window paint masks, decals and EASY-PEEL body mask. These bodies are 12" wide. It may require adjusting the height of the body mounts on your truck or adding slightly longer body posts for best results. After trimming out the body, test mount the clear body to make sure you like the stance and ride height. • SLASH • SLASH 4X4 • XXX SCT • TEN SCTE • SC10 • SC10 4X4 • ULTIMA SC • BLITZ • RALLY



Length: 21.5" (546mm)
Width: 11.6" (294mm)
Height: 4.2" (106mm)
Thickness: .040" (1mm)



Height of body mounts on short course truck may require adjustment. Slightly longer body posts may need to be installed.



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