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FG-01071/02 - Rear stabilizer rod 4mm - female (1p)

Art.nr: FG-01071/02
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FG-01071/02 - Rear stabilizer rod 4mm - female (1p)

This item can be assembled on or with the product below :

basis kit Evo 2020.1
kit Evo 2020.1
EVO 2020 complete kit
EVO 2020 basic kit



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FG-Modelsport er leverandør av fg 1/5 biler, deler og tilbehør

About 10 years ago FG started with its first Off-Road buggies Marder and Beetle
in the at that time quite new market of rc car models at scale 1:6. Refering to
the simple and unproblematic handling the success was greater than first

The big breakthrough although came in 1994 with the 1:5 scale
car models Mercedes EVO 2 and BMW M3. These models impressed by their simple
handling and above all by their realistic looks all rc car freaks at home and

According to the worldwide acceptance and the constantly
increasing demand we moved into our new building in 1995 with now 2000 qm
production area. Meanwhile FG has 16 employees and several casual workers in
order to fulfill the customers? demands.

Our product range covers
Buggies, Race Trucks, Touring Cars, GT models and last but not least the most
famous race series, the Formula 1.
With the Eco-Line series FG allows
beginners and hobbydrivers a low-priced start in this hobby. For competition
drivers as well as for technology freaks we offer pure technology with our
Competition-Line. FG is worldwide the leading manufacturer of 1:5 and 1:6 scale
car models.

On the basis of the great success during the passed 10 years
we feel ourselves encouraged to continue giving our best so that you as our
customer can be satisfied and will have a lot of joy and fun with our models.